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Bed Bugs Exterminator Toronto

Toronto bed bug removal from your home, office, hotels and other places is difficult as they multiply at an exponential rate within a short span of time. These flat and reddish-brown looking insects can be cause of huge concern when they infest your properties. Bed bugs feed on human blood and are known to thrive in cool conditions and can survive without any meal for over a year. These are super-active during the night when they feed on the blood of their sleeping hosts. You will find bed bugs on mattresses, sheets, behind baseboards, picture frames, and outlet plates of electrical units. These insects are also found in the hotels where they travel with the visitor’s personal belongings like briefcases and purses.


If you wish to get rid of these irritating parasites then it’s important to call the experts at Go Pest Control as soon as you find bed bugs in your property. Bed bug infestations are extremely tough to handle as you will not be able to get rid of them with small DIY tricks.

Signs that indicate the presence of Bed Bugs

How do Bed Bugs enter your property?

You will be able to pick these filthy insect from anywhere viz. office, hotels, gyms, stores etc. Bed bugs can hide pretty easily and will stick to your personal belongings or luggage, thus moving from one place to another. They actually hitchhike on various things and spread to different corners and are difficult to detect during the early stages of infestation.

How worried should I be about Bed Bug infestation?

There are real good reasons to be worried about bed bugs because these can multiply at an unmatchable rate. Female bed bugs are capable of laying 5 eggs in a day and produce around two hundred to five hundred eggs during their lifetime. These can survive for over a year without feeding on any host so there’s every reason why you should worry about these bed bugs.

Besides being worried about their bites, you should not ignore the health risks that the bed bugs pose for humans. They work as carriers of several bacteria and viruses, which transmit various harmful diseases. Bed bug bites can lead to allergic reactions for many as our bodies react differently to bites.

Some tips to keep bed bugs at bay

Prior to calling our Toronto pest control experts, you can start practicing the following to stop bed bug invasion in your home or office.

Go Pest Control for Quick Extermination

Early detection is the key to bed bug pest removal from your property in Toronto and it’s critical to get rid of the bed bugs before it turns into a larger infestation. Go Pest Control services include inspection, planning, execution and monitoring processes to permanently sanitize your home, office or other properties.


In case you have found evidence of the existence of bed bugs then you need to take immediate steps to stop the intruder from multiplying. Our pest control experts are really efficient in inspecting properties and detecting the bugs spread around your property. Thus, we check the rugs, furniture, bed and even linens for any evidence of bed bug infestation. We even conduct inspection of the target areas like crevices and cracks using special tools.


Once our experts complete the inspection, they prepare the best possible pest control extermination plan, which depends with the severity of the infestation. We use the latest tools to hit the bug where it hurts the most – we clear up all the adult bugs using chemicals and at the same time destroy the eggs. This prevents the infestation from taking a larger shape and the bed bugs are restricted from multiplying.


Bed bugs don’t budge easily and thus complete eradication is often not possible. Thus, our experts will keep visiting your property at regular intervals to check for any evidence of possible infestations. We document every visit and make recommendations that help you keep bed bugs permanently away from your home, office or hotels.

PEST: Bed Bug

HABITAT: Indoor, Animals, Humans, Hidden Interior, Furniture

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Breathing Difficulty, Animals, Humans


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination