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Go Pest Controlis your trusted partner for chipmunk removal and control in Toronto GTA! Chipmunks are small rodentsthat are readily recognized by their coloring and large puffy cheeks. Their markings and coloration differ depending on the species. Chipmunks can live in almost any environment, but they prefer environments with plenty of undergrowth like valleys and forests to keep them away from predators. These rodents can survive as long as there are minimal food sources and shrubs.
Chipmunks can build their homes in various places, from creating a nest in hollow trees to burrows with dens and tunnels. Since they are omnivorous, they can survive in different areas. Their main food sources include berries, fruits, insects, grains and nuts. They will stand on their hind legs when eating and grind the food down to manageable pieces. They also hoard food in their cheeks until they can return to the den where they still keep the food in a food chamber. This is very important to their survival in the winter as they hibernate. Unlike other animals, they don’t have fat to sustain them so they have to eat occasionally during their hibernation.


Chipmunks are not usually destructive pests, but it doesn’t mean that they will not occasionally invade crawl spaces and attics. The reason why you see chipmunks in your property is because they’re burrowers and are frequently chased away by rats, squirrels and other animals. Their small size makes them easy targets for larger animals. The most common problem associated with chipmunks is the damage caused by their digging.
These rodents carry the loose dirt from burrowingwithin their cheek pouches and by getting rid of the loose soil, the burrows they make become invisible and hard to spot. These burrows can cause the above structure to become unstable or crack. Chipmunks can also raid the garden and leave destruction in their wake. They may dig upseedlings and bulbs from gardens and eat pet food in sheds and garages. Chipmunks may also consume unsecured bird seed. When these rodents come into contact with dwellings occupied by humans, they can transmit insect pests like fleas and parasites. If your home is infested with chipmunks, just call Go Pest Control and expect a team of expert animal control technicians to solve the problem for you!

Removal and Control

If you don’t have any idea about the job, it is best that you entrust the removal and control of chipmunks to the professionals. We can help you remove chipmunks in a safe and humane manner. Ouranimal control technicians are always ready to help residential and commercial property owners during their times of need. They are trained in the removal and control of these rodents, so you are assured that your property will be free from any form of infestation. Our services include:

We will seal all holes, cracks and vulnerable areas that might allow the chipmunks to enter your property. Call us today and expect your infestation problem to be solved quickly!

PEST: Chipmunk

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL DAMAGE: Infestation, Disease, Animals, Humans


SOLUTION: Location / Extermination / Removal