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The reddish brown tiny creatures called fleas are nothing but parasites that suck blood out of humans and animals. Fleas can’t fly and instead jump from the body of one host to another and they feed on the organic debris, which includes feces of other adult fleas, which has undigested blood. Fleas are usually found on the bodies of hairy animals like squirrels, mice, rats, cats, dogs and other wild or domesticated animals. On returning from a long vacation, if you or your pet is greeted by fleas jumping around trying to land on your bodies then there is a very high probability of flea infestation in your house.

A unique feature of fleas is that they do not lay eggs on their hosts and instead hatch on carpet, bedding, rugs, on the ground, cracks in the floor and upholstery. Detection and elimination of fleas is an extremely challenging and high-precision job that can’t be undertaken by unskilled or untrained individuals. You will have to seek professional help from Go Pest Control as we have one of the most trained and highly-skilled pest control professionals at our disposal

We guarantee total extermination of fleas from your property through the use of high-precision tools and professional pest management program.

Are there fleas in your house?

Fleas thrive on blood drawn from hosts, thus majority of the fleas get entry into your home via mammal hosts or pets. Fleas tend to shift the focus of their feeding activity from one host to another when their primary host is unavailable for a longer duration of time. For instance, if there was a rat inside your house that either died or was removed from your property then the fleas feeding on it are forced to find new hosts within the house.

There is no point in using the exclusion practices because it fails to directly impact the fleas residing in your house. You will need to seek professional help from our expert pest controllers if you want to get rid of the problem once and for all. Our experts will come and inspect your property as well as pests in a detailed manner. In case they detect fleas inside your house then they will use the latest extermination procedures included in our pest control program.

Fleas are visible only when they become adult and they will be often seen jumping around your pets during the day.

Go Pest Control – Getting rid of Flea infestations

Arresting the growth of fleas in your home is as important as exterminating the ones that are visible. Sanitizing the hosts is also another significant step towards creating a flea-free home environment. Thus, your pets will also be inspected and cleaned. Even your family members and you are inspected for flea infestation and cleaned as per the standard cleaning methods.

Go Pest Control services go beyond just sealing gaps, holes and cracks – we offer a holistic pest management program to stop the fleas from wrecking havoc on your and the pest’s health. Humans and animals are potential hosts for fleas, thus it’s important that you learn the ways to prevent the fleas from turning you into their host. You will have to eliminate the hosts, which implies the extermination of rodents and other pests from your property. Fleas will die a natural death if they are deprived of their daily dose of blood.

What are the obvious signs of flea infestation?

Until and unless the flea infestation has reached a certain level, you will not be able to notice their movements. However, there are some obvious signs that indicate the presence of fleas and this includes your pets scratching or grooming themselves frequently. Now, this is caused because of the fleas feeding on the blood of your cats or dogs. If you find unknown insects biting you or suddenly notice itchy bite marks then that’s an early sign of flea infestation. On minutely observing, you might even find flea feces on your bed or rugs, which is a clear indication of flea activity in your house.

Flea Control Methods followed by Go Pest Control:

These early signs should be enough for you to ring the panic button; however, there’s no use unnecessarily panicking and instead you should call up Go Pest Control Ontario, Canada. Our pest management professionals will conduct a detailed inspection of your property and locate the zones in which flea infestation is recorded. Our inspection is high effective in detecting the immature population of fleas residing in and around your house. Once the flea inspection is complete, we provide you with the flea control plan that includes the following:

PEST: Flea

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Animals, Humans

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination