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Go Pest Control provides complete protocol for the removal and control of groundhogin Toronto GTA. Since our team of animal control technicians isbased locally in Toronto, we can respond to calls right away. We can also quote competitive prices as we don’t need to include transportation costs. Our technicians are certified, trained and licensed to handle various pest removal, wildlife and infestation control protocols.

About Groundhogs

Groundhogs are active during the daytime and can consume your crops, destroying the landscape and your gardens. They have rounded noses, diminutive ears, short legs,flat heads and bushy tails. The color of their fur ranges from yellow-gray to varying shades of brown. If you spot groundhogs in your property, you should humanely remove them quickly because if they dig under your deck or home, this can cause structural damage to your property. Groundhogs also often chew through irrigation systems and electrical wires, forcing you to spend money on the necessary repairs.
Groundhogs can also carry different parasites, including ticks, worms and fleas. Since they are diggers, they dig burrows and tunnels underground that they use as a home to occupy and nurture their young. The burrows can be built near homes or under buildings or decks and have up to 5 entrances.Groundhogs sharpen their teeth by gnawing on wood, which results in ornamental shrub damage. Since they eat a lot during autumn and summer to store enough fat for hibernations, property owners may suffer a lot of losses when groundhogs attack.

How We Can Help

Go Pest Control offers wildlife inspection, humane groundhog removal and prevention and installation of deterrents and traps. We will come to your property and provide a consultation for your groundhog concerns. Groundhogs must be humanely removed from any property and relocated. We follow the rules and regulations regarding the safe removal and relocation of groundhogs.
Once we have determined the whereabouts of the groundhog and the type of damage it’s causing, we will choose and implement the right control method. A live groundhog trap is usually used. The groundhog is lured into the trap using vegetables and they are relocated to the right area, a kilometer from your property. We also install the necessary deterrents to prevent them from coming back or prevent any further unwanted guests.
Groundhogs can have a negative impact on your garden, crops and yard that they need to be removed fast. Don’t try to trap or remove the groundhogs on your own as they could be evasive or diseased. Go Pest Control’sanimal control technicians have the tools, knowledge and training required to conduct successfully and humanely remove groundhogs.


Groundhogs are diggers and climbers, so your fences should be at least 3′ high. We can install wire deterrents underneath the fence line to prevent the groundhogs from burrowing under the fence. We can also seal areas under decks and porches to prevent these pests from digging and creating dens under suchconstructions.
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PEST: Groundhog

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL DAMAGE: Infestation, Disease, Animals, Humans


SOLUTION: Location / Extermination / Removal