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For most properties, the extent of the nuisance created by mice as pests, is rooted in the prevalence of the rodents in most commercial and residential areas. These pests can be basically differentiated from other rodents of the same family by their smaller body size and general status as a household pest. The pests can be identified on the basis of a number of distinctive qualities that are exclusive to this species.

The biggest issue with pest control in Toronto brought about by mice has a greater impact on most properties because the people within the property find it hard to identify the signs of mice infestations until the problem is too severe.

At Go!Pest Control, we have the technical expertise to not only root out the basis of your mouse infestation but also deal with it according to the specific regulations for mice extermination in Toronto. Our targeted approach to pest control in Toronto, in this case mice, yields faster and more permanent results than our competition. We also introduce better adjustments to the most likely exits and entry areas for the mice on your property. The adjustments include barring off these areas for any future rodent access, guaranteeing a long term solution for the rodent menace situation for your properties.

If you need mice extermination in Toronto, or surrounding area, there is only 1 call you need to make – Go!Pest Control.

How concerned should you be about Mice Infestations?

Mice colonies can grow exponentially if left unchecked during the initial infestation periods. They can soon overwrought any property area with rampant overgrowth. A single mouse is capable of producing around 200 offsprings within a time period of 4 months. These pests have a tendency to burrow, chew and bite objects to reduce them into piles of tine debris which they can then transport to their nesting areas. Often this debris are used as food but they can also be used for warmth in their nesting colonies. These tendencies are likely to be major contributors to contamination of food and property damages within any area infested with a large mice population.

Also the mice leave behind tracks of debris, urine faeces and detritus which further pollute the various surfaces with the residential and commercial properties.

Go Pest Control Services

has been actively providing mice extermination in Toronto for mice infestation for a wide variety of residential and commercial property buildings within the GTA. Our main focus has been to target the infestation before they contribute to the outspread of fatal diseases within the infested areas. We have dealt with many cases of mice contamination in Oshawa, Toronto and neighboring cities. Our experience has been with a variety of fatal diseases spread by such infestations including murine typhus, tularemia, lymphocytic chorio- meningitis and Hantavirus (a very rare degenerative respiratory disease caused by mice infestations in particular).

How to detect an issue with Mice infestations

At Go Pest Control, we are constantly evolving our services to detect and deter mice from entering our client properties and also checking the infestation issues already at play.

To quickly detect mice infestation issues, Go Pest Control Pest Monitoring experts lay out specific traps and make a thorough search of the property focusing on dark basements, attics, foundations and unused areas of the property where the mice nests are most likely to be established.

How can we help tackle the mice infestation issue?

We work towards not only eradicating the current infestation issues but also to mouse proof your property against any future issues with rodent infestations. Go pest control mice infestations proofing services help tackle the root of the problem by detecting every entry areas that provide easy access to the mice in to properties.

These areas can be towards the base of the properties but often they are just as well at the top levels of the properties, because mice are good climbers and can also walk along thin ropes to reach small gaps and squeeze in to the main property area.

Apart from this, as part of our Toronto pest control service, we work with our clients to adapt some basic rules to discourage pest infestation issues within the properties.

PEST: Mouse

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL DAMAGE: Infestation, Disease, Animals, Humans


SOLUTION: Location / Extermination / Removal