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Mosquito infestation is probably the most dangerous of all pest infestations as they not only suck human and pest blood but also spread dreadful diseases like malaria, West Nile Virus, dengue etc. You need to prevent their growth very quickly on detection because mosquitoes are capable of multiplying at an unprecedented rate. Even before you realize, mosquitoes would have done the damage to your family members, pets or neighbors. Thus, it’s important that you seek help our help as soon as you see mosquitoes inside your house or office.

What should I know about mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes come from the same group as Diptera and as such have only one pair of wings. They have long and prominent proboscis that are used to dig into our skin and suck blood. Adult mosquitoes range between 3mm and 9 mm in length. The adult female mosquitoes are known to feed on human and animal blood that helps them in producing eggs. However, mosquitoes also feed on flower nectar, which is a rarely known fact.

Standing or stagnant water is the most preferable breeding ground for mosquitoes and the larvae feed on a wide variety of things, which depend on their species. Majority of the mosquitoes consume small aquatic organisms and flotsam. There are also some predatory species that’ll feed on other mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes become really active after sunset but they also get active during overcast conditions or shady areas. Sunshine desiccates and causes death of mosquitoes, which is why we usually advise our customers to ensure enough sunshine in their bedrooms and living rooms.

How to differentiate between mosquitoes and flies?

People often tend to confuse between mosquitoes and flies. The easiest way to differentiate mosquitoes from flies is that mosquitoes have longer legs and have the long proboscis, which they use to such bite or draw blood out of their host’s body. Flies usually don’t bite and their legs are also smaller. However, if you are facing such confusion then you can always call our pest control experts – they can easily tell you whether there is any kind of mosquito infestation in your property or not.

How to detect Mosquito Infestation?

Well, there is no better sign than the annoying sound of mosquito buzzing around you and the obviously sign in the form of their bites. We all react differently to mosquito bites – there’re a few who would experience mild irritation whereas there are some who’ll experience swelling and intense irritation. It’s quite tough to find out whether standing water in and around your house has mosquito larvae or not and you will need help from Go Pest Control to successfully detect mosquito infestation.

Pest Control professionals at Go Pest Control use the most advanced mosquito detection techniques and can help you find out whether your property is infested or not.

Go Pest Control – Total Mosquito Extermination

Go Pest Control offers excellent mosquito treatment that not only involves the use of chemicals but also source reduction. If your house or office is infested with mosquitoes, only the use of chemicals might provide temporary relief but we use 360 degree pest management that ensures permanent removal of mosquitoes from your property.

Mosquitoes are known to grow in water, hence our source reduction strategy comprises of elimination of all types of water sources that might provide a favorable breeding ground for mosquitoes. We believe in providing long-term solutions and in order to achieve this, our source reduction strategy is combined with the with mosquito treatment using chemical products.

Step By Step Mosquito extermination

Once we get a call from you, our experts reach your location within 24 hrs and start with taking stock of the situation. They start by thoroughly inspecting your property for all types of mosquito infestation and also try to identify the type of mosquitoes within your house or office. After completing the inspection as well as the identification, our pest control experts will provide you with a comprehensive pest management plan. This pest management plan presented by Go Pest Control includes the following assistance and recommendations:

Chemicals used by pest control experts from Go Pest Control for killing mosquitoes and preventing their growth may include:

PEST: Mosquito

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Humans, Animals


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination