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Pigeons Removal and Control in Toronto GTA

The most obvious signs of pigeon infestation include droppings or seeing these birds roosting on or hanging out near parks or buildings. Spotting nests on ledges and hearing cooing are also signs of an infestation. Pigeons can carry various diseases, so it is important that you remove them as soon as possible. Go Pest Control can develop a bird management plan for you. Our animal control technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection and create an efficient strategy for eliminating or reducing bird-related problems.

Pigeon Problems

Some of the most common problems associated with pigeons include droppings on cars, buildings or stock, creating noise when they coo, nesting on or in buildings where they clog flues and drains, displaying aggressive behavior during the nesting season or spreading diseases as bird guano carries bacteria and other microorganisms. Ground nesting also causes development delays on sites.

Pigeon Removal and Control

If you notice an infestation in your property, just call us and talk to one of our animal control technicians. Our team can deal with various bird control problems at shopping centers, industrial sites and other areas. We spray and sanitize the area with the right chemicals. We can also use traditional proofing methods.
For instance, bird netting excludes birds from larger areas like parking garages. It’s very durable and can last for many years. Bird spikes are another proofing method. Spikes are installed in flat areas where the pigeons nest such as ledges. There’s no need to worry since the spikes don’t hurt the birds, but only prevent them from landing. This way, you don’t have to deal with bird feces. Shock track is also a bird deterrent system that uses an intermittent electric pulse that doesn’t injure birds.
Trapping is another option for pigeon removal and control in Toronto GTA, but this is only a temporary solution because birds are excellent navigators and can return. Pigeons are trapped and released somewhere. This method is usually used on larger areas where it’s not monetary possible to wildlife proof the property. One way doors are an excellent method because these doors are designed to allow the birds to exit the property and prevent them from re-entering.
We also remove all droppings and install the necessary deterrents such as spikes and shock traps to bird proof your property. You don’t have to worry because we use humane methods to remove the pigeons safely and properly. We develop and implement the most cost effective permanent pigeon removal and control strategy for you.

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If you have a bird problem at home and you are uncertain of the species, all you need to do is to contact us and we will help you recognize the bird. Birds tend to nest in buildings. Their cooing is noisy and they can also carry and spread various diseases. It doesn’t matter what species of birds you have as we will send a team of expert animal control technicians to your location right away. Call us at 905-832-1988

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