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Raccoons are a very rampant species of wildlife in almost all regions of Canada. However, they are most predominantly found in the Southern Canadian regions like Toronto. The urban and suburban areas are equally pestered by these wild creatures who like to burrow and cocoon themselves within neglected and cramped spaces of properties. Raccoon removal in Toronto is most suitable in the hands of a professional to make sure that the removal tactics are most effective and ultimately humane for the creatures as well as the property owners or dwellers. Go Pest Control Wildlife Control work in tandem with clients from all urban and suburban areas of the major cities of Canada to oust raccoon infestations once and for all from the property lines.

Identifying Raccoons around your property

Raccoons are in general, quite stocky and short animals with distinctive features that set them apart from other similar looking wildlife varieties.

Why Raccoon infestation can become such an issue

Raccoons are omnivores who find the garbage heaps around properties and food debris within the households as likely places to find for their food source. So any opportunity for entry within the property will be continually breached until you put a professional stop to it. At Go pest Control wildlife control department, we build sustainable strategies to check for such likely entryways and completely blocking them for future entry of any wildlife or pest species.

Raccoons usually like damp and dark places, particularly when breeding. These animals are quite dangerous if they are cornered or threatened while protecting their kits. It becomes a safety hazard for property owners to tackle the infestation issue by themselves in such a scenario. Talking to pest control specialists is a way to mitigate the disaster while still ensuring your homes are completely infestation free.

Often Raccoons are known to enter homes and property lines through gaps or cracks in the roofs, chimneys or abandoned cellar ventilators. If they are stuck in such precarious positions, they can die and decay in critical areas of the house, polluting the ambiance and in general smelling bad for days. They can also continue to forage for food and rip off trims and electrical wiring while scurrying up and down such entryways. This nuisance can only be stopped did you have the means to completely safeguard such critical and hard to access areas within your homes. Go Pest Control Wildlife monitoring experts come prepared for just such eventualities and can handle the task within a competent time frame to completely prevent the issue for all times.

Check for signs of Raccoon infestations

The best way to solve a problem is to diagnose the problem itself. Often property owners fail to understand the signs of infestations for what they are and balk at the situation. While the situation might be severe, timely intervention can not only solve the issue but with professional care you can prevent the infestation from recurring all over again.

Make sure to have your property checked for infestations at frequent cycles. This allows you to be more vigilant about such situations, even if you are not always present within the property lines to take personal care of it.

Signs of raccoon infestations should be monitored, specifically for regions that are known for their raccoon population.

Professional control measures for Raccoon infestations

Go Pest Control Wildlife monitoring measures are carefully designed to handle individual species infestations.

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PEST: Raccoon

HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Disease, Structural Damage


SOLUTION: Location / Removal / Relocation