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Rodent infestation is a scary and obvious reality in Canada. Contrary to popular belief the issue is not just a rural component amongst agricultural facilities but the infestation has a very major grip amongst urban living conditions as well. Many major cities including Toronto, Whitby and Cambridge in Canada have registered widely recurring rats infestation. Our branches at Go Pest control have been readily available with new evolving strategies to help out in all registered cases in both commercial and residential living areas for rats infestation control and prevention.

Rats are a major group of rodents that have distinctive features that separate them from mice and other general rodent species. The Norway Rat and Roof Rat are the most popular varieties of rats that affect the major infestation issues registered within the various regions of the country. These rat species are often found to be mostly nesting in areas that might be close to damp regions, deserted areas with availability of squalor or detritus heaps to help feed the families of nesting rats. They often scurry along dark corners of abandoned properties and the infestation when uncontrolled can grow to dangerous proportions. These creatures are known to bite and infect when approached without caution, which is doubly harmful for highly populated urban living areas.

Reasons for concern about rats

Detecting a Rat infestation problem

At Go Pest Control we have continuously striven to perfect our standards of detection for common rodent infestations. However, the truth of the matter is it is quite difficult to detect e signs of rat infestations if you are dealing with the issue for the first time. It is also quite difficult to know the range of the actual problem from just a superficial survey because rats prefer the dark and damp places. They like to scurry and nest in places that are often hard to reach but can be critical to the foundation and health safety of your homes or commercial properties. As such a professional pest control checkup is a very intelligent monitoring and control measure to keep your properties safe against such unhealthy intrusions.

Getting rid of rats with Go Pest Control

At Go Pest control, we use highly professional tactics to ensure your property remains rodent free and completely safe for your family, employees or your valuables. We do not compromise with the latest techniques; however, we also remain true to tried and tested techniques that yield results for trapping and removing the rodents.

Physical intervention

Secured glue boards, intelligently designed snap traps and using tracks or tapes to capture the rodents yield incredible results with physical elimination of the rodent problem. These traps have to be secured in critical places where there are most likely signs of heavy rodent traffic.

Chemical intervention

As part of the leading Go Pest Control Rat infestation monitoring strategy, we also use tamper proof bait stations as a part of our chemical intervention for rodent control. These bait stations contain organic rodenticide which are used to bait rodents along large property lines and exterior boundaries of significant properties. The baits offer a chance to cover extensive areas to trap and poison the rats. However, they are also designed to prevent the same chemical from harming children, people or non-target animals within the property area.

Go Pest Control Rat infestation measures

are always deliberately planned to ensure that the measures are customized for different properties and different levels of the problem.

PEST: Rats

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Animals


SOLUTION: Location / Extermination / Removal