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Skunks often burrow into your house, garage or shade in the garden and build their nest, which can be irritating as well as frightening for homeowners. Skunks are not too common for the residents of Toronto, hence, their sightings can be extremely frightening. These are the slow-moving mammals belonging to the weasel family. The most difficult aspect of skunk removal in Toronto is that these furry animals don’t want to be bothered and are not interested in being moved. Thus, whenever they sense danger, skunks emit foul odor to keep humans and predators at bay.

In case your house, office, garage or other structure is infested by this weird animal, you need to call in experts who can help you get rid of them. Extermination of skunk is of the special Go Pest Control services you can avail at an affordable rate. You just need to drop us a mail or give our Ontario, office a call and we shall deploy our expert pest controllers at your location.

Where are skunks found and when are they most active?

While skunks prefer open living lands located near pastures, forest area and clearings, they have also been found in urban cities like Toronto. They can even build their nests inside the hollow logs or timbers placed on river banks. Skunk nests are marked by leaves, grass or hay linings and they love to move from one nest to another frequently. However, skunks have the habit of getting inside human territory and use their large feet and strong claws to dig deeper into decks, crawlspaces, prices, woodpiles, homes shades etc.

All the above places are ideal for skunks as they provide dark and cool environment for living and breeding. Skunks are known to be nocturnal creatures and you will hardly see them during the day. Spring season is the breeding season for these animals and they have a lifespan of about 3 years.

What are skunks attracted to?

Skunks feed on animals and plants and this is why they tend to invade your garden and home in search of insects like beetles, grasshoppers, mice, rabbits, and crickets. They also love to feed on garbage and waste food materials.

Why should you get rid of skunks?

Skunks are downright filthy and create a lot of nuisance by eating away vegetation while littering your home and garage with garbage. Apart from these, skunks are known to emit foul-smelling liquid whenever it senses danger. However, the biggest reason why you should consider skunk removal in Toronto is that if they die within your property, the carcass will emit an extremely foul odor. Our pest control experts are really skilled in dealing with skunk infestation as they will device the perfect strategy to remove skunks from your property and even clean any carcass.

Skunks pose health risks to humans and animals living in their near vicinity as they are carriers of various diseases and pests. From rabies to canine distemper, skunks spread numerous diseases that pose serious health risks to your family and pets. Call in our experts to help you get rid of skunks without any hassles.

Why Go Pest Control and not DIY?

We understand that you wish to handle the skunk removal without anyone’s help. However, by doing so you are not only putting yourself at risk but also exposing your family members and pets to potential health hazards in the long run. Skunks are not known to budge easily and other than just spreading the foul-smelling liquid, they are capable of causing serious injuries to humans and animals by biting.

It’s wiser to leave it to skilled skunk removal professionals from Go Pest Control in Toronto as they not only get rid of the skunks in view but also find out the hidden nests and exterminate the younger skunks as well. We use advanced tools and traps to catch and kill skunks without putting anyone at risk.

We are skunk removal specialists and can eliminate them from under sheds, porches, sheds and other locations. Our experts don’t kill skunks immediately after catching them because not all states permit their killing. Thus, we either relocate these skunks from your property or simply euthanize them. Now, you don’t have access to the advanced tools to trap or kill skunks effectively. In case you miss out, skunks can turn aggressive and attack you or your family members.

Go Pest Control Securing your Property

Once our expert pest controllers complete the extermination task, you will be provided with recommendations and assistance to reclaim your property and avert future infestations. Our recommendations include the removal of attractants like garbage, food wastes etc. We will help you to sanitize and secure your building by sealing the burrows and removing shrubs and weeds from your property. Go Pest Control can even install special devices to block the entry of skunks from your home or office and even deter them from digging inside your premises.

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PEST: Skunk

HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Disease, Structural Damage, Foul Smell, Animals, Humans


SOLUTION: Location / Removal / Relocation