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Canada is home to more than 20 different species of squirrels which include the famous flying squirrels, ground squirrels and the more common tree squirrels. The tree squirrels are one of the most notorious of all of these varieties of squirrel species in the country. The tree squirrel menace is common for both country side as well as the urban populated areas of the country, like Toronto. However, the rural areas might also find the infestation from ground squirrels just as random as any other variety of the species.

Identification of the species

Usually the tree squirrels will be available in sizes between 10-70 cms. They have distinctively bushy tails and are extremely agile climbers. Often found in rust to brown color tones, these species can also be available in varieties of black, or grey depending on the region of the country. The ground squirrels are often quite larger to the tree squirrels particularly since they do not have to be as agile as the climbers in the earlier species. The flying squirrel species has a distinctive body variety which helps them to launch their membranous selves in ways that appears as if they are gliding from perch to perch.

Squirrel infestation issues - Main concerns

Any wildlife infestation in commercial or residential properties is accompanied by quite significant damages to the various areas of the property. It is also accompanied by loss of valuables or food stocks.

Finding out the extent of your squirrel problem

At Go Pest control, we take wildlife monitoring measures quite seriously. It is always our intention to ensure that not only are properties safe from random wildlife attacks but when we leave a property we also educate our clients to ensure they are able to check for wildlife infestations right at the onset of another problem. Detecting fresh signs of a problem gives us a vital opportunity to curb the issue from its roots, much before it has had a chance of growing in to a potential disaster for the property owners.

Getting rid of squirrel menace from your properties

Go pest control squirrel removal and monitoring strategies in Toronto include identifying the problem, creating a strategy for capturing and removing the wildlife and finally putting preventative measures in place to disallow the problem from reoccurring in the future.

Go Pest Control squirrel control measures

Physically trapping or removing squirrels cornered within a dark or damp property area can quickly get dangerous. Remember, you are dealing with a wildlife species that can attack if faced with a threatening situation. Go pest control wildlife infestation strategy allows trained professionals to handle the squirrel removal. We are equipped to trap, remove and prevent squirrel species from gaining access to your property areas, without causing any damage to the property or the people and pets within it, both within Toronto, as well as the GTA.

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PEST: Squirrel

HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Animal, Humans


SOLUTION: Removal & Relocation