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The gardens and homes of thousands of people in Canada are regularly infested by stink bugs for the past few decades. These stink bugs not only spread odor but they also damage cause a lot of damage to crops and vegetation worth millions of dollars. These stink bugs have been able to survive for so many decades despite several extermination campaigns carried out by the government as well as private individuals.

If you too are a victim of stink bugs infestation and wish to get rid of them permanently then you will have to call in professional pest controllers as well as learn the necessary preventive measures to keep these dime-sized bugs at bay. Go Pest Control has an efficient team of pest control experts who will not only provide you with the best possible strategy to exterminate stink bugs from your garden or house but also offer you free consultation to prevent future infestations.

Stink Bug Facts

In order to effectively control stink bug infestation, it’s imperative that you learn a few facts about their life cycle and habits. At Go Pest Control, we believe that proper knowledge about pests is the best way to control their growth. Here are a few facts about stink bugs that you must learn for controlling their growth effectively:

Go Pest Control Exterminate Stink Bug in your Garden

Stink bugs are easily attracted to the light and heat and as such they love to rest and feed on the leaves of trees in your garden. They can destroy small plants and vegetation by eating away the flowers, leaves and fruits. It is advisable to not try killing the stink bugs on your own and instead call in expert pest controllers from Go Pest Control.

Our experts are trained and skilled in detecting female stink bugs and destroying the eggs hidden below the leaves. The general chemicals available in the market don’t have much effect on the stink bug population as their hardened outer shells for a protective layer on their body and prevent the entry of chemicals. However, we use chemicals that are provided to licensed agencies like Go Pest Control Only.

We not only get rid of stink bug infestation in your garden but also educate you on the preventing future infestations. One of the recommendations that we make to prevent future infestations is to remove the juicy plants from your gardens. The lesser number of attractants available in your garden, the lesser chances of stink bug infestation.

Go Pest Control Exterminate Stink Bug in your Home

As we already know that stink bugs are cold blooded insects so they get easily attracted to the warmer environment provided by the interiors of your home. Stink bugs invade your homes mostly at the start of winter season when they hide and hibernate in the safe corners. However, they become active during the spring and summer season and that’s when you actually realize the gravity of the problem. Once you spot any such cases of infestation, just call in our expert pest controllers.

Go Pest Control services are effective and affordable. We have an efficient team of experts who have hands-on experience of exterminating stink bug infestations in the residential properties of Ontario, Canada. Our team not only seals all the cracks in your house but also use other sealants to prevent the bugs from crawling inside your house. We also remove all the posted flowers and plants around your house and create a boundary of barren land in and around your house. Our pest control experts also set up traps especially meant for stink bugs so that infestation can be prevented at an early stage.

Effective and affordable solutions Go Pest Control

Go Pest Control services are highly-effective in curbing the problem of stink bug infestation. We deploy the best strategy to deal with a variety of pest infestation, including stink bugs. Our services are affordable and easier on your pocket as our pest control methods use the latest technologies in the market. Call us today to learn more about our services…

PEST: Stink Bug

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Foul Smell


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination