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Termites don’t lead a lonely life – they’re social insets and build colonies in which they live with other termites. However, when these termites settle in your commercial or residential properties, the structures get infested. Now, these termites are capable of razing down even the best structures by rapidly eating away the building blocks of commercial and residential properties. Either you will have to go the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) way or seek professional help from companies like Go Pest Control to eliminate termites from your property and save your structure from damages.

Types of Termites

There are a variety of termites and each type needs different things to breed, grow and survive.

How Termite Infestation Occurs?

Like any other living creature, termites also need food for survival. Majority of the termites survive by feeding on cellulose-based things like books, wood, furniture, drywall coverings, and boxes. Termites keep foraging and they have even been detected 150 feet away from their nests.

Infestations usually occur in two different ways.

Top Tell-tale signs of Termite Infestation

Structural ability of your private or commercial property can be compromised because of termite infestation and that can lead to huge financial losses. However, termite inspection undertaken by Go Pest Control can help you detect termite infestations at an early stage and protect vital structure from permanent damage. However, if it’s not possible to avail Go Pest Control services at an early stage, you can look for the following tell-tale signs of termite infestation.

1. Discarded wings or Swarmers

Reproductives or swarmers are the young male and female winged termites that emerge from their nests to mate. This generally takes place during the springtime when the young and winged termites search for partners to mate and at the same time find new locations to start their colonies, which are often our homes and offices. Thus, if you find discarded wings or even termite swarmers near the doors or windowsills then it’s time to call the pest control experts at Go Pest Control.

2. Mud tubes

If you find the mud tubes near walls or wooden structures, take it as a warning signal of termite infestation because these tubes help the termites retain moisture while they travel between their food soured and colony.

3. Wood damage

Wood form an important source of food for termites and they eat wood from inside out and if tapping wooden structures produce hollow sound then take it as a signal of termite infestation.

4. Bubbling or Uneven Paint

Bubbling or Uneven Paint is also one of the signals for termite infestation. Be watchful and call up Go Pest Control Ontario for fast and total extermination.

5. Frass

If you find wood-colored droppings that resemble pellets then treat it as an obvious sign of Drywood termite infestation.

Getting rid of Termites

Getting rid of termites is a challenging task if not impossible and you can use some chemicals that can immediately kill the termites. However, you are not authorized to use a few chemicals in your locality as they are hazardous to the environment as well as to humans. It is best to get the help of a licensed professional or avail Go Pest Control services. We not only hold the license to use chemicals for pest extermination but are also careful while using hazardous chemicals.

Pest control experts at Go Pest Control are experts at handling termite infestation and we can secure your property from future infestations by getting rid of pests permanently. Some of the chemicals that we use to destroy termite colonies include Permethrin Dust (natural and quite effective chemical), Arsenic Dust (Highly effective and hazardous), Orange oil, Boric Acid etc. However, use of chemicals is our last resort as we use other natural yet effective methods of termite extermination like low temperature, Sunlight, flooding and even electrocution.

Go Pest Control helps you to detect, kill, sanitize and prevent future termite infestation by using the latest pest extermination methods and tools. Call our experts and save your homes and commercial structures from termites permanently.

PEST: Terimte

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Structure, Foundation, Animals

POTENTIAL Infestation, tructural Damage


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination