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The small brown ticks often get entry into your house by piggybacking on humans, pets and even clothes. Ticks are parasitic in nature and feed on animal and human blood for survival. Ticks tend to carry a wide range of harmful diseases and they pass these on to humans and animals when they bite. If you note these ticks inside your house then there is every chance of an infestation. These little brown filthy insect thrive in humid and warm conditions; this is a big reason why they are often found in densely vegetated and wooded areas. Some of the common species of ticks found in Ontario, Canada deer tick, lone star tick and American dog tick.
Go Pest Control offers its effective and affordable tick control services to the residents of Ontario and adjoining areas. Our experts have years of experience in extermination of tick infestation and we even offer free consultation to all our customers on the various preventive methods of tick infestation.

What do ticks require to survive and reproduce?

As mentioned earlier, ticks need moisture to thrive and reproduce. They feed on the blood of reptiles, birds and mammal; however, every tick has a preferred host. Thus, ticks ted to bite deer, humans, cats, dogs and livestock to suck blood.
Ticks reproduce like all other pests and egg, larvae, nymph and adult form the 4 stages of a tick’s lifecycle. The disease causing organisms or pathogens are passed during the lifecycle of a tick and thus they infect animals and humans when they bite.

How to know that my house is infested by Ticks?

There are no special signs of tick infestation other than finding ticks on your or your pet’s body. There are secondary signs in the form of fluids or diseases transmitted by the ticks. However, if you are not able to understand or doubt tick infestation then it’s best to call up Go Pest Control. We shall send our pest control experts to your location within 24 hrs of receiving your call. Our pest control experts are trained to handle a wide range of pest infestation, including ticks.
Go Pest Control will carry out a thorough inspection of your property, pest, clothes and other animals in near vicinity to identify the probable hosts. They will then offer you the best possible solution to exterminate ticks from your house and garden. Tick control is quite different from other pests and requires careful planning and execution for total extermination. Tick infestation is extremely dangerous and poses health hazards for people and animals they bite or feed upon as hosts. If you don’t want the problem of tick infestation to reach uncontrollable levels, it’s best to seek help from our pest control experts.
Our pest control experts are properly trained and highly-skilled to take care of tick infestation cases. They not only help you to get rid of the problem but also offer a viable plan to prevent any future tick infestations.

Go Pest Control or DO-IT-YOURSELF?

If you think that crushing the ticks sticking to your body or your pet’s skin will end the problem then you are absolutely wrong! Crushing of ticks leads to release of harmful and disease-laden fluids that aggravates the situation. You actually end up spreading potentially dangerous diseases that were otherwise not released.
The use of chemicals is also not a very good idea as you harsh chemicals might adversely affect your skin or your pet’s health. You need professional help from trained personnel who understand the health risks associated with tick infestation. Go Pest Control deploys expert pest controllers who not only exterminate the ticks in sight but also do it in a safe manner. They use methods that quarantine the spread of ticks and kill them in a controlled manner without causing any health risks to your family or pets. DO-IT-YOURSELF might sound adventurous but it actually exposes you to numerous health risks when you are handling something as serious as tick infestation.

Tips to Prevent Tick Infestation

If your house in located in an area that experiences tick infestation then it is important that you carry out the following checks:

PEST: Tick

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Animals, Humans

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination